Apple, Samsung and HP stop importing laptops in India


Apple, Samsung, HP stopped ordering their products after the central government banned the import of laptops, tablets and personal computers. Following the government order, these three companies have canceled all their shipments. This step of the government has been done to promote local manufacturing. Tech companies can import these products from outside only for works like research and development. For this, they have to take the necessary license from the government.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple, Samsung and HP have banned the import of their laptops, tablets and PCs with immediate effect. However, no official statement has been issued by these companies regarding this. With this move of the government, its effect can be seen on the inventory of global brands making laptops, PCs and tablets.

Most of the brands import their products from outside, due to which the sales and stores of the products will also be affected in the upcoming festive season. According to the report, in view of the demand in the festive season and school, tech companies are preparing to get a license to import laptops, tablets etc.

Why the ban?

According to the Ministry of Commerce, the import of laptops, tablets, personal computers and servers in India is banned under HSN 8741. These products will be allowed to be imported only under valid license. This ban is only on importing these products through post and courier. There is no restriction on importing them through baggage. Companies only have to pay import duty.

Must take license

The government is adding more and more products to be made in India under local manufacturing and Make in India program. By imposing this ban by the government, India can become a global manufacturing hub in the coming days. The Ministry of Commerce will issue licenses for 20 such items, which will be used for benchmarking, testing, repair, product making etc. After completion of work, the importing company will have to destroy these products.

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